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What are you tips for a patchy lawn?

My lawn is Santa Ana lawn. Last time there are broad leaf weeds grown in the lawn so I use regular weed killer to spray on the weeds and the lawn around the weeds died together and leave patches. Another problem is now there are other weeds started to conquer my lawn. I'm not sure whether it is other type of grass or weed because I tried to use Hortico Weed & Green, these weeds (or maybe a type of grass) did not die and it even grow faster than my lawn after some rain. So I would like to know if Yates has any products that can solve my problem of reviving the lawn and killing the unknown grass/weeds. As you can see the photo I've attached, these grass/weed that have some seed on top are so green while my lawn at the back are so brown with patches.

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Hi Wei Kean

Thank you for sending the photo of your lawn area. In the photo I can see some couch grass but it also looks like another grass has invaded your lawn. Couch is a warm season grass and does tend to go dormant in the winter months. This is when the weeds appear so it is important to control those weeds before they have a chance to overtake your lawn. Although couch is dormant in winter, it is a tough grass that does particularly well during the summer months, so it is possible to improve its health so it can once again become a healthy lawn. To start with we would suggest that you apply a good lawn fertiliser. Lawn Master is an excellent fertiliser that will supply all the nutrients your lawn needs to make it strong and healthy. After you have applied the fertiliser, wait at least 7 days and then apply either Bindii & Cover Weeder or Buffalo Pro to kill off those existing weeds. Keep your lawn well watered during the hot summer months and mow your lawn on a regular basis. Just a little care is all it need to bring your lawn back to life. Happy gardening.



Answered: 28 Sep, 2013

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