Can I use Dynamic Lifter and chicken manure pellets at the same time on my lawn?

I used some blood and bone on the lawn but it seemed to burn the grass. Is it best to use chicken pellets or dynamic lifter or both? And how should they be applied? Thanks.


19 March 2015 04:31 AM

You can use Yates Dynamic Lifter Organic Lawn Food, this is a specially formulated fertiliser for lawns. This Dynamic Lifter is composed of composted chicken manure, blood and bone, fishmeal and seaweed. As Dynamic Lifter already contains chicken manure it is not necessary to apply this to your lawn as well as Dynamic Lifter. In established lawns you should use 6kg per 100 square meters and in new lawns you should use 12kg per 100 square meters. You can evenly scatter the fertiliser on top of your lawn and it will work its way into the lawns root zone.

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