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How do I transplant a bay leaf tree

i have a bay leaf tree aprox. 1 metre tall and about three years six years old. i want to remove it and re plant it on the boundary of our property when we build a new home in eight months time.

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Dear Gen,

Autumn is the time to move your bay tree now that summer has passed and the weather is milder. The soil is still warm enough for the roots to settle in and start to grow. Before transplanting your tree, prepare the new area where your tree is going to live. Dig the hole so that the width is twice the size of the rootball. The depth should be one and a half times the size of the rootball. The soil in the hole should be nice as loose so that the roots are able to settle in easily. To improve the plant's survival rate, prune your tree to a manageable size. Before digging up your tree, water the tree well and spray with a product called Stressguard several hours before transplanting. This product forms a protective thin polymer on the leaf reducing transpiration for 60 - 90 days and lessening transplant shock. When digging out the tree, take as much of the root ball that you possibly can. You will need to start digging out around the perimeter, putting the spade down to a reasonable depth to where the majority of the roots lie. Firstly dig around in a semi-circle, lifting the soil with the roots attached. Then continue to dig the rest of the circle, again try not to damage the feeder roots. After this you should be able to pick up the rootball in one large piece, place it on a tarp close by, enabling you to transport the tree to its new location. If some of the roots are damaged, use a pair of secateurs to cleanly prune these roots. You can carefully slide the tree into the hole that you have prepared. Using a shovel back fill the soil around the rootball so the tree is positioned straight in the ground. Tamp this soil down firmly and water in with a seaweed solution. Continue to apply the seaweed every two weeks to promote strong root growth. To conserve the moisture, spread a layer of mulch around the tree keeping the mulch well away from the trunk. Water the tree regularly through the coming months and take particular care as the summer months draw closer that the tree receives ample moisture. Trust you will be able to successfully transplant your bay tree.



Answered: 5 Mar, 2019

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