Why are ants attracted to my garden when I use Blood and Bone or Dynamic Lifter

Whenever I (rarely) add blood & bone (& on this occassion -Dynamic lifter),ants appear to be attracted to the area(and maybe even dry it out).Wetting the area only works as a repellent while it's very wet.Wetting also,I've heard,is to be avoided around my garlic before harvesting.


04 April 2012 10:27 AM

Hi Nina,

Both the blood & bone and Dynamic Lifter are excellent products to incorporate into the soil when you are preparing a vege garden. It is best to dig both of these products into the soil rather than leave them sitting on top of the soil. It is annoying to have ant nests appearing in the garden I know, but quite often ants will make a nest in your garden beds regardless of whether organic matter has or has not been added. Perhaps you could apply a wetting agent to the soil and cover with a mulch such as lucerne hay. Hopefully this will encourage them to move on.

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