Why is the soil in one of our garden beds water resistant?

I have recently decided to plant some corn in one of our garden beds. I dug it up and added some compost but when I water it the water just runs off or stays on the surface. When I dig into it a tiny bit it's still dry underneath. What can I do to save it?


16 November 2018 06:59 AM

Hi Sigrid,

when some soils and potting mixes get a bit tired they can develop water repellency when dry. Using a soil wetting agent as required will fix this condition and allow water to penetrate. We recommend Yates Waterwise Soil Saturator, either a concentrate to put on with watering can or a hose-on version, or if water is light on then use the granular version and lightly sprinkle around by hand. Activate by watering in. It might also help to lightly cultivate to break any crusting of the surface before applying.

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