What is the best PH level for soils in Sydney?

And I undertsnad that the soils in the eastern suburbs of SYdney don't want the extra PH anyway.


17 January 2019 05:47 AM

Hi Judy,

Dynamic Lifter should always be watered in as soon as possible after application. Cultivating lightly into the soil/mulch before watering is best.... and a light layer of fresh mulch or compost over the top will also further reduce the odour significantly. For lawns it just needs lots of watering in, and the granular product should be used on lawns to help speed up the breakdown into the soil. Dynamic Lifter does not significantly affect pH when used at the rates recommended. It is a bit of an old wives tale that it causes soil alkalinity problems. The main problem here is that it isnt being watered in straight after application which is really important for the effectiveness of the product.... and much better for the neighbours. *Update: 20th August 2012* - Yates has released the new "Dynamic Lifter Reduced Odour Plant Food, which is lighter in smell than original the Dynamic Lifter.

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