How can I improve water absorption in my top soil

i need to improve water absorption..water runs off all my top-soil


06 January 2013 11:41 PM

Hi Chris,

Yates have an excellent product called Yates Waterwise Soil Saturator. This product contains a soil wetting agent, liquid clay breaker, trace elements and seaweed. The soil wetting agent allows water to penetrate water repellent soils, the liquid clay breaker softens hard clay soils and improves soil structure. The trace elements, including chelated iron, improves plant growth and encourages deep green foliage and the seaweed is a natural plant growth promoter. This combination of products improves moisture penetration of water repellent soils and aids the soil structure. A 1 litre bottle of concentrate product will make up to 600 litres of soil wetter. I am sure you will find that it works extremely well. I have attached a link to our website so you can read more information on this product.

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