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Why would my mandarin tree lose its fruit when its just started growing

There are flowers, but when the fruit is the size of a match head it turns yellow and falls off. Any ideas? Thanks, Chris.

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Hi Chris,

It sounds like your Imperial mandarin is only a young tree. I wouldn't be too worried about it at this stage. It appears like your tree is growing strongly and this is what it should be doing at this stage of its development. In the first 2-3 years of the tree's development, it is best to remove most of the fruit it has set as you really want all its energy being directed into developing a good strong root system. As the tree ages you will then find that it will set more fruit and that fruit will mature on the tree. This is because the root system is at a stage where it is able to support the fruit it is bearing. If you haven't already done so, feed your mandarin tree with a fertiliser that has been specifically formulated for citrus. We would recommend Dynamic Lifter Plus organic based Fruit Food. Apply this fertiliser around the drip line in spring and again in autumn. It is important that the tree be planted in a well drained sunny spot that is protected from cold winds. Give your tree a deep watering twice a week and place a mulch around its roots system to keep in that moisture. Keep looking after your mandarin and I am sure in the next few years your tree give you some delicious fruit.



Answered: 9 Dec, 2012

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