Why would my mandarin tree drop all of its fruit just as it was ripening

Fertilized with Citrus fertilizer, seasol and trace elemebts (due to yellowing of tips of leaves)Another tree one year younger less fruit and smaller has no problems. Both are well watered and showing no signs of any stress


15 April 2013 09:20 AM

Hi Pat,

How disappointing and puzzling that this has happened to your tree. I can understand small fruit dropping early in the season but not at this stage of their development. Is the tree planted in the ground or is it in a pot? How much of the granular fertiliser would you have used and what is the size of the tree? How long ago did you apply the fertiliser and when did the tree start shedding its fruit? Would you have a photo you could email to us? Look forward to hearing from you further so we can help find out why this has occurred.

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