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How do you stop the fruit from dropping off my tamarillo and orange trees?

How do you stop flowers/small fruit from dropping of trees? example tamarillo and orange tree

Fruit and Citrus • Plants

Hi Allison,

There can be a number of reasons why flowers and small fruit can fall prematurely from fruit trees. If the tree is only young and less than 3 years old (in the case of a citrus tree)it would be unwise to let it flower prolifically as it will not be able to hold onto all that fruit at such an early stage of development. In the first 3 years, it is best to let the tree develop a good strong root system and if it does produce an abundance of flowers and fruit, a good percentage of the fruit should be removed so the tree is not over-burdened. Small fruit can also fall if there is not sufficient moisture available to the plant while the fruit is forming. Pests such as aphids can attack the new growth and flowers in the early stages. This can also caused the flowers and fruit to fall. A Yates Pyrethrum Insect Pest Killer Concentrate based pesticide will help to control this pest. Keep your trees well watered and apply a fertiliser that is specifically formulated for fruiting species. Applying a mulch around the root system will help to conserve moisture in the soil.



Answered: 17 Nov, 2012

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