What is the lumpy growth on my meyer lemon tree

My Meyer lemon tree -5 years old has lumpy growth on branches, how do I cure it? Is it safe to eat it's fruit?


14 March 2011 10:10 PM

Dear Sonal,

The growths on the stems of your lemon tree is caused by the Citrus gall wasp. In about September a small black wasp will lay its eggs in the young soft stalks of your lemon tree. Small growths will appear at first but by Autumn these growth will be clearly visible on your tree. You will simply need to prune off these growths, and this will need to be done before September because at this time of the year the wasp will emerge through the outside of the growths. The wasps are poor fliers and you will find that they will simply re-infect your tree if you don't prune off the growths before September. Your fruit will not be affected and it is safe to eat the fruit.

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