How do you get rid of snails on lemon trees?

The leaves eaten are at the top of the trees,(approx 2m tall) Have placed snail pellets around trees,many snails laying around area,but stiil leaves are being eaten.


21 August 2012 11:25 PM

Hi John,

Are you sure it is snails that is doing the damage. Have you noticed slimy trails on the foliage - this would indicate snails. Perhaps it could be a caterpillar that is causing the damage. There is a citrus butterfly, the larvae of which does chew holes in the foliage. This insect does not usually do a lot of damage. Because it is an important pollinator, we don't tend to spray for them. By all means continue to put around the snail bait, as snails do climb but as I said earlier, you would know there are snails present, as there would be slimy trails present on the foliage.

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