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Why isn't my 8 year old Ellendale Mandarin not fruiting?

I have an Ellendale Mandarin tree about 8 years old. This year I have not had any fruit but plenty of flower buds. I don't know why it hasn't fruited. I have pruned it but it has got plenty of growth. I am thinking of pulling it out and getting another mandarin. The fruit that I have got from the fruit tree has too many pips in it. What is a good mandarin variety to get that has thin skin and less pips.

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Hi Barry,

It seems a shame to pull out your Ellendale mandarin tree. If the tree was pruned at the wrong time of year, this could account for the fact that you haven't any fruit this year. This can also happen if a citrus is heavily pruned. You will find it may not fruit the following year but then after, it will. If you decided to plant another mandarin tree, Imperial and Emperor would be a good choice. Both of these varieties have few seeds, produce sweet fruit and easy to peel. I am sure your local nursery would have them in stock.



Answered: 10 Mar, 2014

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