Why does my rockmelon have plenty of flowers but no fruit

we planted the seeds in late November, they are growing very well in a sunny area, they are vigorous , green with a lot of yellow flowers, but when the flowers died I was expected to see a formation of the fruit but nothing. it is the 1st time we are trying them. Someone said to me that we have to check the wine to help the male & female flowers.... can you help please. thank you


18 January 2013 09:19 PM

Dear Maryline,

It does sound like your vines are producing plenty of male flowers and very little female flowers. Unless the female flower has been successfully pollinated, no fruit will form. Bees are great pollinators so it is always good to encourage them into your garden and vege patch. The female flowers are receptive late morning. You can hand pollinate if you wish. The female flowers is recognised as it has a swelling at the base of the flower. Take the pollen from the male flower to the female flower and pollination is complete. You will find when the first female flower is pollinated, then the subsequent flowers should be a mix of males and females. The production of flowers can sometimes be influenced by harsh weather conditions so take heart, I am sure your rockmelon vine will produce flowers and you will have an abundance of fruit.

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