Why are my weeping mulberry leaves yellowing

Good afternoon, We planted three weeping mulberry trees in about May 2012 and once leaves had formed the leaves gradually started to yellow after fruiting commenced, could this be lack of iron or trace elements or needs more water now that fruiting has commenced, given that weather is warming. Would appreciate some comment and advice please. Carol Stacey


13 November 2012 05:09 AM

Hi Carol,

It does sound as though your tree is showing signs of nutrient deficiency. The tree has obviously taken up the nutrients that were available at the time and put that energy into producing the fruit that is there now. To keep the tree healthy, you could apply a fertiliser now. We would recommend Yates Thrive Natural Citrus & Fruit Pelletised Plant Food. It's enriched with Dynamic Lifter and has added nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to give your fruiting plants the right balance of nutrients for their growing needs. Apply this product around the drip line of the tree . This is a well balanced fertiliser that will supply the necessary nitrogen for good strong growth as well as supplying other nutrients to encourage an abundance of fruit. Keep your tree well watered throughout the summer months and then fertilise again in autumn to maintain the health of your tree. Hope yuou enjoy picking a delicious crop of mulberry.

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