Why have the tips of the branches on my Custard Apple Tree gone black?

The tips of the branches on my custard apple tree have turned black and the new leaves are dying.


11 September 2011 03:58 AM

Dear Nairina,

It doesn't sound like your custard apple is doing so well. It is such a delicious fruit and you are lucky to be able to grow one in your climate. Without knowing the history of your tree, it is a little difficult to diagnose the exact problem. Custard apples certainly grow well in Queensland. They are best planted in a sheltered spot free of frost. They enjoy free draining soil and detest having wet feet. From your description with the branches dying back and the new leaves turning black, it could be that the tree is suffering with root rot. Perhaps if you have had an excessive amount of rain recently and the soil has become waterlogged, this could be the cause of the problem. Yates do have a product called AntiRot which is registered to control root rot. It is a systemic product which when sprayed, is absorbed by the leaves and travels down to the roots to prevent this disease from taking hold. You may need to take a cutting from the tree along to your local nursery to correctly identify the problem. You are also welcome to send a photo of the tree which will help us further to diagnose the problem. Good luck with your tree.

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