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What is the best fungicide and insecticide for Rockmelons?

Last year i tried the organic way, but all my rockmelon plants died after giving me on average 1 rockmelon per plant. This year i'm going to buy 'strong' chemicals to deal with my problems. I don't know exactly what diseases my rockmelons, but I'm looking for the best chemicals to prevent diseases in my new plants. What product works best to prevent/cure diseases on my rockmelon? I'm willing to buy several products if that is what is needed. I just want to know what to buy to give them as much protection as possible. Is there anything else i need to prevent diseases then fungicide and insecticide? Is there a fertliziser you recommend for rockmelons? I use a lot of organic material from my compost bin to feed my plants, do i need to buy extra fertilizers? I have been adding garden lime to add calsium to the soil and to raise the PH level (ph levels is around before treatment) Is there a way of rasing PH quickly? The garden lime i baught at bunnings seem to tage ages to raise the PH level. Thanks for your advice!

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Hi Mikael,

Rockmelon is considered to be a curcurbit and is in the same family as pumpkin, marrow and squash. They can all be affected with fungal problems such powdery mildew, downy mildew and leaf spots. To control these fungal problems a Yates Leaf Curl Copper Fungicide Spray product can be used on the vine To keep your plants strong and healthy, plant your rockmelon seedlings into a soil that is well manured and not too acidic. A pH around 6 - 7 would be ideal. Apply the garden lime in spring should you need to raise the pH. It doesn't work instantly but if you use the correct amount of lime over the correct number of square meters, you should be able to bring your pH to the correct balance in a short period of time. Having the correct pH will prevent the fruit on your vines from being affected blossom end rot. Ensure that your vines are planted in a sunny spot with good air circulation. Insects such as white fly and two spotted mite can be controlled with a product called Yates Nature's Way Vegie & Herb Spray Concentrate. Now would be a perfect time to be growing rockmelon in your part of the world. Keep your vines well fertilised and well watered and I am sure your plants will give you plenty of sweet juicy fruit.



Answered: 25 Aug, 2012

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