How do I clean the outside of my tree that's been affected by a wasp nest?

Dust on rough barked tree and on ground around base. I intend to use expanding foam to fill the nest and prevent wasps coming back after clean-up.


14 March 2012 05:48 AM

Hi Brian,

We can give advice on how to use the Yates Ant & Wasp Dust but cannot comment on using an expanding foam to fill the nest. The company who produces such a product would be best to comment on that procedure. Care should always be taken when treating wasp nests. The appropriate clothing should be worn and treatment should take place at night whenever possible to avoid being stung. The label suggests that you apply the powder through entrance holes (125-250g of product may be needed per nest depending on the size of the nest and the number of entrance holes). The label should be read carefully before applying the product.

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