Welcome to the Yates Shop! To make your gardening life easier, you can buy a range of products for your garden, right here. Even better, your shopping includes expert help. When you buy from the Yates Shop, our experts are on hand to answer all your questions. Whether you need to know which product will best suit your plants, or you need advice on how to give your seeds the best start in life, just ask us – and we’ll advise before you buy.

Why shop at Yates?

There’s free shipping* on seed orders over $25 and for orders including other product, over $50. With products delivered directly to your door, you can make your garden great, all from the comfort of your couch.


Yates’ extensive range of flower, vegetable, herb and microgreen seeds has proven quality. We’ve been providing top range seeds with excellent germination for over 150 years. Spend more than $25 on seeds, and you’ll receive free shipping.

Garden fertilisers

From certified organic fertilisers to specialty fertilisers that work to help roses, citrus and flowers thrive, Yates’ range has everything you need.

Garden pest and disease control

Get rid of pests, and control disease quickly with Yates’ range of repellents and herbicides. Order online and get products sent straight to you, so you can act fast.

Potting and propagation

Moving potting mix can be hard work. Buy Yates’ growing media online, and you’ll get heavy bags delivered, so you don’t have to lift them from the shop to the car to the garden. Whether you need seed raising mix or a premium potting mix, it’s a lot easier when you don’t have to carry it yourself.

Lawn care

Sort out your couch lawn from your couch. Yates’ extensive range of lawn fertilisers, lawn pest control, lawn weed control and lawn seeds will help keep your turf top notch.

Weed control

Yates can help you get rid of your weeds once and for all. Our general, organic, natural, and tough weed control products all come in easy to use sprays or gels. Ask our experts before you buy online so you know you’re doing the right thing by the rest of your garden.

Water Saving

Learn how to save water in your garden and you’ll have plants that thrive through heat, drought and frost. Yates’ Waterwise range is designed to help your garden beat the heat. Our experts are available for extra advice on keeping your plants pristine during the summer months.

*Please note, shipping is only available in Australia