Yates Planting Month


Hi Everyone,

In April we ran a ‘Secrets in the Soil’ competition as part of Yates Dynamic Lifter Planting Month. Our lucky winner was Debbie from Queensland and I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Debbie and her garden last week.

What an inspiration! Debbie is passionate about edible gardening and is creating a food forest on her family’s block of land about 40 minutes outside Brisbane. She already grows around 70 different varieties of edible plants including fruit like custard apples, guava, bananas, jaboticaba, dragon fruit and mulberries, together with native bush food like Davidson’s plum, Atherton raspberry and finger lime and a wide variety of vegies and herbs.

Two of Debbie’s major challenges are her soil and fruit flies. Her soil is 30 cm of sand over very heavy red clay, so when it rains the water sits of top of the clay and the sand becomes waterlogged. Growing plants in raised garden beds and pots, together with continually improving the existing soil with lots of organic matter (like Dynamic Lifter) will help.

Fruit flies unfortunately love all of Debbie’s fruit and a continual program of using a fruit fly bait product like Yates Nature’s Way Fruit Fly Control, together with exclusion bags and netting will help reduce fruit fly numbers. Debbie is using all sorts of inventive ways to use recycled materials to grow plants.

One of my favourites was using a canoe as a water garden! How clever! Debbie is a fantastic example of what people can achieve in their gardens. Her enthusiasm for edible plants, including Australian native bush foods, was brilliant and it was an absolute joy to visit Debbie and her garden.

Happy gardening everyone! Angie

The Results:

Debbie - collage of garden