Zero Rapid 1-HR Action Weedkiller Gel

Zero Rapid 1-HR Action Weedkiller Gel

Zero Rapid 1-HR Action Weedkiller Gel. Starts to kill weeds in 1 hour.


New ZERO Rapid 1 Hour Action Gel is an all purpose weed killer that effectively kills a variety of weeds – roots and all with rapid visible symptoms within 1 hour on most weeds. Gel is perfect for targeting individual weeds in garden beds, pots, paths and lawns. It ONLY wipes out the weeds you want to kill – with no spray drift.

The fast action you expect from Zero Rapid 1HR plus the convenience and accuracy of a gel format.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast acting – visible results within 1HR of application on most weeds.
  • Easy to use – purpose designed applicator bottle. Simply squeeze to apply, no annoying priming required.
  • Rainproof after 30 minutes – ideal for patchy weather conditions.
  • Clever – not active in soil, so you can re-plant immediately.
  • Spot application – perfect for targeting individual weeds in garden beds, pot plants, paths and lawns.
  • If you can’t use a spray weed killer for fear of spraying precious plants – this is the perfect product.

How to use

Directions for use

  • Apply to weeds and grasses when they are actively growing with enough healthy leaves to take up the weedkiller.
  • Gel does not need to cover the whole of each leaf surface.
  • Do NOT disturb treated weeds for 7 days after treatment.
  • Do NOT apply if rain is likely within 30 minutes.
  • Best applied when temperatures are over 10 degrees. Visible results may take longer than 1 hour on certain tough weeds or weeds in deep shade. Repeat after 2 weeks if necessary.

Storage and disposal

Store in original container, tightly closed, safely away from children and foodstuffs. Dispose of this product only by using as directed by the lable or, at an approved landfill.



  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Avoid contact with the eyes and skin.
  • Wear protective gloves and eye protection when using.
  • Wash hands and exposed skin thoroughly after use.
  • Designed for biocidal action against plants.
  • Avoid contamination of any water supply or fishponds with product or empty container.
  • DO NOT allow product to enter aquatic environments or anywhere outside the target area.


Available sizes

  • 500g


Material Safety Data Sheet

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