Premium formula contains fast and slow release nutrients to provide fast greening results that last longer. 


  • Slow release nitrogen technology – one application feeds for 12 weeks
  • Visible greening in 7 days
  • Suitable for ALL lawn types
  • Promotes a greener, thicker lawn and improves soil structure
  • Feed more for Less – concentrated formula – 2.5kg treats 125m²

Directions for use

When to Apply:

Apply at any time of year, during periods of active growth. For best results we recommend application in early spring, early summer and early autumn (every 8-12 weeks).

For sandy soils, apply at half rate and repeat every 6-8 weeks.

Application Rate:

Apply at a rate of 20 g/m².

Note: one adult handful contains approximately 65 g. A 2.5 kg pack feeds up to 125 m².

How to Apply:

  • Water the lawn well and allow to dry before application. •
  • Calculate lawn size and required amount of Yates® Lawn Fertiliser.
  • For hand application, apply to lawn evenly at the recommended rate using a sweeping arc motion, spread half the amount required walking in a north-south direction, and the remainder in an east-west direction.
  • To cover large areas use a lawn fertiliser spreader.

Always water in well after application. Not recommended for new lawn or lawns less than 8 weeks old. Use a starter fertiliser such as Yates® Dynamic Lifter® Organic Lawn Food or Yates Dynamic Lifter Turf Starter. From 8 weeks apply Yates® Lawn Fertiliser at half rate (10 g/m2) and then at the full rate from 16 weeks onwards. During summer, if feeding a cool climate lawn such as bent or fescue, use half the recommended rate.

For optimal greening results within 7 days, ensure application instructions above are followed as directed.

Yates® Lawn Fertiliser is a high analysis, concentrated formula that covers more lawn area per kg when compared to traditional lawn fertilisers.  



Size 2..5kg

NPK: 15: 0: 6 + Fe 2%

  • Do not exceed rate of application.
  • Apply in still conditions.
  • Do not allow material to spill or blow onto hard or non-lawn surfaces as staining may occur.
  • Do not walk from treated area on to concrete or non-lawn surface as staining may occur.
  • Use gloves and avoid contact with clothing.  

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