RATSAK Pre-Baited Rat Trap makes rat control simple. The premium, high quality rat trap comes ready to use with non-toxic bait which is highly attractive to rats. Simply remove the foil to expose the attractant in the bait tray, set and place where rat activity has been occurring - NO BAITING REQUIRED! This strongly designed trap provides a quick, easy and effective solution for control of rats in and around your home. 


  • Easy to use - Simply remove the foil to expose the attractant in the bait tray, set and place
  • Quick and effective rat control - the reusable traps have a strong and durable design, paired with the highly attractive rat bait ensures fast results
  • 'No Touch' disposal - once rat is caught, push on the lever to release. Reuse as required if more rats are present
  • Reusable

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