Zero Rapid 1 Hour Action Gel is an all purpose weed killer that effectively kills a variety of weeds – roots and all with rapid visible symptoms within 1 hour on most weeds. Gel is perfect for targeting individual weeds in garden beds, pots, paths and lawns. It ONLY wipes out the weeds you want to kill – with no spray drift. The fast action you expect from Zero Rapid 1HR plus the convenience and accuracy of a gel format.


  • Fast acting – visible results within 1HR of application on most weeds
  • Easy to use – purpose designed applicator bottle. Simply squeeze to apply, no annoying priming required
  • Rainproof after 30 minutes – ideal for patchy weather conditions
  • Non-residual – not active in soil, so you can re-plant immediately
  • Spot application – perfect for targeting individual weeds in garden beds, pot plants, paths and lawns
  • If you can’t use a spray weed killer for fear of spraying precious plants – this is the perfect product

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