For control of insect pests in ornamental plants and vegetables in the home garden.


  • The multi-pest insecticide that controls aphids, caterpillars, mealybug, whiteflies, thrips, grasshoppers and more on your ornamental plants and vegetables
  • Covers a wide range of insect pests
  • Use on vegetables and ornamentals to control aphids, bugs (e.g. passionvine hopper, mealybug, lace bug), caterpillars, garden weevils, whiteflies, thrips. Ornamentals to control grasshoppers.
  • Native plants to control sawfly larvae
  • Controls insect pests quickly. Beta-cyfluthrin is fast-acting and provides rapid action knock-down of pests. • Broad plant coverage – can be used on ornamentals, vegetables and native plants
  • Great value 50mL Concentrate – make up to 125L of spray
  • Fast action knock-down – effective insecticide that kills insect pest in the garden quickly
  • Broad pest coverage – controls both chewing and sucking pests
  • Broad plant coverage – can be used on a wide variety of ornamental plants and vegetables

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