• For lush, healthier indoor potted plants & ferns
  • Feeds through leaves and roots for fast results
  • Easy to measure and mix – no waiting for powders to dissolve
  • Makes up to 150 L of plant food



  • 500ml


  • NPK 8.5: 2: 8.7

    plus Trace Elements

How to Use

Directions for use:

Yates Thrive Indoor Plants & Ferns Liquid Plant Food should always be diluted with water before applying.

Always shake bottle and dilute product into water before use.

Note: 1 cap = 40 mL & ¾ cap = 30 mL.




  • To avoid damaging plant foliage, do not apply when maximum temperature is expected to reach over 30°C.
  • Always keep product in a cool, dry place and out of reach of children and pets.

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