• A trusted safe easy formula
  • Ideal for feeding indoor & outdoor plants
  • Suitable for all planting types including seedlings
  • Convenient handy pack – measuring spoon & resealable pack included
  • High in potassium to encourage flowering and fruiting

Aquasol is a balanced, fast acting, general purpose fertiliser. Suitable for growing all types of plants including flowers, vegetables, seedlings, shrubs, orchids, indoor plants and lawns. Aquasol’s proven formula contains nine plant foods which are essential for healthy plant growth and development.



  • 600g


  • NPK 23: 3.95: 14
  • Plus S, Mg, Mn, Cu, Fe, Zn, B

How to Use

Directions for use

For most plants, dissolve 16g in 10 litres of water.

For seedlings, orchids and ferns, dissolve 8g in 10 litres of water.

For lawns and around shrubs, use 32g in 10 litres of water. Apply over area of 5 sq metre.


  • Not recommended for highly phosphorus-sensitive plants
  • DO NOT apply when maximum temperature is expected to reach above 30°C or if the plant is suffering moisture stress

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