Yates Top 50 Edible Plants for Pots and how NOT to kill them is all about how to grow your own food plants in pots, including fresh vegies, herbs and spices and a wide range of delicious fruit. With backyards shrinking and more people living in apartments, it’s more important than ever for people to learn how to grow edible plants in small spaces like verandas, balconies, windowsills and courtyards. There are so many wonderful benefits to growing your own food, including reduced food miles and packaging, and reminding us where food comes from and how plants grow. And you’re more likely to eat a healthier diet if you have fresh ingredients at your back door!. 


  • What edible plants you can grow throughout the year and where.
  • Plants for beginner gardeners, low-maintenance plants, fast-growing edibles and kid friendly gardening.
  • Special care for potted plants, including pots and potting mixes, watering, feeding and controlling pests and diseases.
  • Loads of fabulous and inspirational photos.
  • Written by Yates horticulturist Angie Thomas, it’s a wonderful introduction to growing some of your very own fresh food at home.
  • Available online and at selected book and department stores.

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