My Garden


Launched July 2018

If talking to your plants hasn’t worked, talk to us! The Yates My Garden App is available for iPad, iPhone and Android devices for FREE on Apple iTunes & Google Play.

This is the first garden app to feature FREE access to qualified horticulturalists via live chat. You can now easily talk to our qualified horticulturists to get FREE gardening advice and support and share photos.
Available Monday – Friday 8am – 7pm (AEST) and Saturday – Sunday 10am – 6pm (AEST).

Yates My Garden App is your ‘personal trainer’ of the garden world.

You now have the ‘garden answers’ in the palm of your hand.

It includes all the information and support that you need to design, grow, protect and manage your garden and plants to keep them thriving.

The best feature is that by downloading this app you will receive access to qualified Horticulturalists that can talk you through anything that is happening in your garden, they are available 7 days week from 8am – 6pm.

Need to ID a plant for flower? Not sure if you have a weed? Something eating your plant? You can take a picture and share via Live Chat and the team will help ID and provide further details on how what you need to do.

An added bonus is that you can join a community of 180,000 members that love gardening and will inspire and support your garden aspirations.

Download and access

- FREE Advice from qualified Australian Horticulturalists 7 days a week.
- Inspiration from Garden Club members and access to our Garden Forum
- Digital tracking of your seed garden and estimates on growth and harvest rates
- Problem Solver tool with images that can confirm what is happening to your plant and the best solution
- Weed Identification service for
- Detailed database of plants varieties that might be suitable to your location and needs.
- PLUS so much more…

Download today and learn more about your garden and have the support that you need to flourish.




Thank you everyone for your feedback on earlier editions, after removing some bugs and adapting to your feedback we have improved the app to meet your needs. We hope you like it!
h2. My Garden App Features

Solve garden problems

The problem solver tool allows you to search for solutions to many common pests, diseases and weeds found in your garden. It is an improved version of the previously released Yates Garden Problem Sovler App. In the new version, you’ll find a bigger library of problems and plant specific solutions to help you beat them once and for all.

Ask an Expert

If you have absolutely no idea what’s wrong with your plant, simply take a photo and send it to us along with a question and we will not only get back to you with an answer but also publish your question and answer for others to see.

Find seeds to sow now

If you are not sure what or when to plant, the seed finder tool will help you enormously. Search by name or by plant type, with the additional option to only show seeds that can be planted now.

Keep track of seeds planted

Create virtual garden plots to keep track of what you have planted. The tracker tool will provide instant updates on your progress by counting down days until key milestones such as harvest time. Plant care reminders and notifications can also be set.