Protecting Bees

One way to encourage more bees into your garden is to plant lots of flowers to attract bees and other pollinators. 

Take special care when applying garden sprays such as insecticides. Remember bees and many other pollinators are insects so they will be adversely affected if insecticides are used without due care. 

It's important to understand the threats to our bee population.

Healthy Gardens need healthy bees.

What is puzz pollination?

How to create a bee friendly garden.

Spraying safely

Sometimes a garden pest or disease is so troublesome you’ll need a spray to help you to control the problem. Here are some useful tips for using sprays effectively and safely and minimise risks to other creatures (such as bees, lizards etc) that live in or visit your garden.

Understanding threats to our bee population

What's happening in Australia?

Healthy Gardens Need Healthy Bees

Bees play an essential role as pollinators in the garden. Without bees many of our vegetables and fruit would never get to harvest stage.

Buzz Pollination

Buzz pollination is the term used when insect pollinators have to literally shake the pollen out of a flower.

Creating A Bee Friendly Garden

Here are some easy-to-grow, bee-attracting flowers that can be started from Yates seeds. Favourite, bee-friendly colours seem to be yellow, purple or blue.

Yates Garden Doctor

Is your plant looking a little sad? Not sure what is happening to it... well never fear the Yates Garden Doctors are here! Self diagnose using our interactive Problem Solver or talk to us on Live Chat. We're always here to help!

Why Healthy Gardens need Healthy Bees