Grevilleas are an amazingly diverse range of Australian native plants that are well worth considering for your garden. Their beautiful flowers come in almost every colour from pinks and purples to cream, yellow and orange and flower shapes can look like a brush or a spider. Grevilleas are excellent for attracting bees and nectar feeding birds into the garden and winter flowering varieties are particularly important sources of food during the cooler months.

Grevillea ‘Lady O’ is a hardy, cold tolerant variety growing to around 1-1.5m tall and 2m wide. The spider like flowers are bright red and appear throughout the year.
Grevillea ‘Crimson Villea™’ produces a profusion of crimson flowers during the cooler months. Growing to a dense and compact 80cm tall and wide, it looks fantastic when mass planted in a full sun to lightly shaded garden in areas with low to moderate humidity.
Grevillea 'Cherry Cluster'™ (Grevillea rhyolitica x juniperina), is a hardy, semi-prostrate shrub that reaches 50cm high and spreads to 80cm wide. It has striking cherry coloured flowers from autumn to early spring and is perfect for mass plantings and rock gardens in full sun to partly shaded gardens in southern regions of Australia.
Grevillea ‘New Blood’ is a ground cover juniper grevillea that has a profusion of deep red spidery flowers from autumn until spring. It grows to around 25cm high and 1–1.5m across and forms a dense and colourful ‘living mulch’. ‘New Blood’ is frost and drought hardy once established and will grow in both full sun and part shade. Grevillea ‘New Blood’ also makes a great container plant.
Grevillea ‘Honey Gem’ is a large, fast growing grevillea that is suited to growing in more humid or sub-tropical climates. Reaching around 4m tall and 3m wide, it has an open habit with large bright orangey yellow flowers that can appear throughout the year, with a main flush beginning in late winter. Ideal for creating a quick living screen.

Grevilleas prefer a well-drained soil and will benefit from a regular feed with a fertiliser suitable for native plants. Yates® Dynamic Lifter® Soil Improver & Plant Fertiliser is ideal for feeding Australian native plants like grevilleas and provides gentle, slow release organic nutrients to encourage both healthy foliage growth and lots of beautiful bird attracting flowers. Keep grevilleas looking neat and tidy by lightly trimming them back every one to two years, after the main flush of flowers has faded. Grevillea 'Honey Gem' can be given a more thorough prune to help keep it in check.


Grevillea Crimson Villea and Cherry Cluster images courtesy of OzBreed.

Grevillea Lady O and New Blood images courtesy of Bywong Nursery.

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There are several hundred species & varieties of grevilleas so there is one to suit every garden & will grow in all climates.