Salad essential

Iceberg lettuce has long been a family favourite and is a must for salads and burgers and also for san choy bow and wraps in delicious Asian inspired creations. 


Yates® Lettuce ‘Great Lakes Iceberg’ grows a large leafy head with a solid crisp and sweet heart. It endures summer heat without running to seed and can be sown throughout Australia during spring. It will be ready to harvest just 8 – 10 weeks after sowing, so it won’t be long before you’ll be harvesting and enjoying home grown lettuce.

Sow Yates® Lettuce ‘Great Lakes Iceberg’ seed direct where they are to grow in a sunny spot in the vegie garden or seedlings can be raised in trays of Yates Seed Raising Mix and transplanted when the seedlings are no more than 3 – 4 cm high.

It’s important to regularly feed your lettuces to promote healthy growth and a great harvest. Feed each week with Yates Thrive® Vegie & Herb Liquid Plant Food, which is a complete and balanced plant food containing nitrogen for vibrant green leaf growth, phosphorus for strong root development and potassium for healthy plants.

Mulching around the lettuces with an organic mulch like pea, lucerne or sugar cane straw will help keep the soil moist. When watering lettuces, it’s best to water around the base of the plant rather than overhead, which helps minimise the risk of disease. 

Aphids can be attracted to and damage the tender young lettuce seedlings. Aphids can be black, grey, brown or very well camouflaged green. Control aphids by spraying each week with Yates Nature’s Way® Vegie & Herb Spray, which is a soap based spray that’s certified for use in organic gardening. 

Keep an eye out for voracious snails and slugs too, which can be controlled with a light sprinkling of Yates Blitzem® Snail & Slug Pellets

You'll need

Lettuce Great Lakes Iceberg

Is a large, solid-hearted variety, crisp and sweet. Endures summer heat without running to seed. A must for summer salads.

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