Everyone has played Hide & Seek. Most parents have played with their kids, since hiding and finding is a common interest of small children.


There are many kinds of variations to the game. Sometimes you count to twenty, sometimes ten, sometimes one hundred. Sometimes there is a home base that you can run to and tag, becoming “safe,” sometimes you just wait to be found.

The fun of the game is that one person is “it,” that person closes his or her eyes and counts to a certain number without looking and then he or she tries to find the others.

To play a different variation with a 'garden theme', you can to hide toys in places in the garden for the kids to find. This becomes a mix of 'hide & seek' and a treasure hunt.

Number of Players: Ideally at least three.
Equipment: None if the kids are hiding. If you choose to hide toys in the garden just find what you have around the house.