A scarecrow’s name tells you exactly what he’s supposed to do – scare away birds that might spoil your garden. But you can have fun making a scarecrow that looks so good he’ll become a decoration in the garden.


How to create your own scarecrow: 

  1. Start by gathering up the clothes you’ll need to dress your scarecrow.
  2. Put a skinny, but sturdy, pole into the ground.  You might need some help with this because the pole should be strong and secure. It can be helpful to put your scarecrow against a fence that will provide support.
  3. Stuff the scarecrow’s pants with hay or some old stockings.
  4. Use a rope or old belt to tie the pants to the pole (you can thread one leg down the pole from the top.
  5. Tie a cross piece (a broomstick would be good) to form the arms.  Then put an old shirt onto the cross piece and tie it in place.  Like the pants, this can be stuffed with straw, cloth or some old stockings.  Tuck it into the pants.
  6. Make a head by stuffing a bag or old pillowcase. 
  7. Use felt pens to draw the face (or sew on coloured pieces of cloth).
  8. Push the head onto the top of the main pole and tie it in place.  Put a hat on top. Remember – the more colourful your scarecrow, the better job he’ll do of scaring the crows!

Remember to always:

  • Wash your hands well after gardening.
  •  Wear shoes to protect your feet.
  • Wear a hat and sunscreen.