What You Will Need:

  • Old nylon tights

  • Some grass seed

  • Potting mix, sawdust, sphagnum or peat moss

  • Cup

  • Waterproof glue and decorations to give your grass head a face and accessories


What To Do:

  1. Start by cutting the bottom section off a nylon stocking. A toe piece about 20cm long should be just about right.

  2. Shake some lawn seed into the toe of the stocking.

  3. Stuff the stocking with damp sphagnum moss, peat moss (you can buy both of these from a garden centre or hardware store), clean sawdust or potting mix.

  4. When the toe is about tennis ball size, close the bottom with a rubber band.

  5. Next give it a face by drawing eyes, nose and mouth with waterproof pens or stick on eyes and pipe cleaners for a mouth (kids may need some adult help with this).

  6. Select a cup that’s about the right size to hold the head without letting it fall in. Fill the cup with water and put the head upside down on the cup, so that the top is just sitting in the water.

  7. When the top’s moist, turn it right way up again and put it on a bright windowsill, out of direct sunlight.

  8. Check each day to make sure it remains moist. If the head starts to dry out, wet it again or spray with water from a trigger pack.

  9. After a while (usually about a week) the grass shoots will start to sprout out from the top of the head. Water them as they grow and give them an occasional spray with fertiliser (half strength Thrive Soluble Plant Food would be ideal.

  10. Once the hair is well established, give it a haircut by trimming with scissors.

Remember to always:

•    Wash your hands well after gardening.
•    Wear shoes to protect your feet.
•    Wear a hat and sunscreen.