How to set up Drip Irrigation

With the growing population moving to smaller homes and utilising balcony’s and courtyards to grow, it is becoming more important to have automated irrigation set up to help managing watering your thirsty plants.

We have a cheap, easy and convenient option that will save you time. Yes, precious time!

You can purchase electronic timers, which can range from $40 to $170. The costs vary based on the number of stations you need, how weatherproof it is and programmability. Some of the more advanced options now have misting timers for tropicals and ferns.

What you'll need

  1. Pliers 
  2. Secateurs 
  3. barbed elbows, 
  4. tees, 
  5. ratchet clamps. It’s a good idea to buy a few extra fittings and clamps. 
  6. 19mm polypipe (at required length*) 
  7. Flush valve (manual/auto) for end of line 
  8. 4mm flexible poly 
  9. 4mm punch 
  10. 4mm tees 
  11. 3600 adjustable shrubblers (drippers)**, 
  12. Horizontal two-way brass/galvanised tap adaptor (use the same metal as the tap). 
  13. Programmable tap timer and connections
  • measure the distance you need to cover, and then add 2-3 extra metres just in case. 
  • or a combination of microsprays and shrubblers for plants that prefer high humidity. Large pots may require two to three overlapping shrubblers.

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