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What selective herbicide can be used to control Acaena novae-zelandiae.

I was hoping you may be able to help with a weed that is becoming a serious problem on my property of around 13 Acres in the Yarra Valley, Victoria. The neighbours are having similar problems too. The weed as noted above has the common name of Bidgee-Widgee, and seems to be tolerant to most selective herbicides. I have tried Kamba-M, Garlon, MCPA, and Grazon Extra, with only small patches seemingly affected. The vast majority is unaffected by the herbicides. The weed is rapidly spread by the sheep, by the dogs, and I have had to discard several items of clothing due to becoming so badly matted with the burs from the plant heads. The sheep don't eat the weed and it is seemingly uncontrollable. I have searched the web intensely and don't seem to find any useful information (possibly because some people consider this plant to be a useful native??. Is there anyone that could help to advise of a suitable herbicide (preferably a selective herbicide). Thanks. Jim Hargreaves.

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Yates herbicides contain some of the active constituents (albeit in lesser concentrations) of the products that you have used to eradicate bidgee-widgee. If you are having limited success with these products we suggest contacting the Department of Primary Industries or the Botanical Gardens Advisory service in your state for other solutions. Good luck!



Answered: 4 Jul, 2015

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