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How long after applying weedkiller to my yard can I start to lay new turf

I plan to poison 120m2 of weeds in my backyard using Yates Zero Weed Spray. What time span is required before i can plant my new lawn or lay down instant turf?

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Dear Heather,

After thoroughly spraying the area with Zero Glyphosate, you will need to wait about 3 weeks until all the grass/weeds has died. It will take that amount of time for the product to be effective on the root system. Once the product is absorbed by the foliage, the chemical is translocated down the root system to destroy the grass/weeds roots and all. First signs are gradual yellowing and wilting of the grass/weeds. You will know that everything has died when there is no resistance in removing the grass/weeds. You may need to spray again if there are some signs of life remaining. There is no residual in the soil with this product so after you have succesfully removed the dead grass/weeds completely, you can then incorporate some organic matter into the soil and then lay the turf of your choice.



Answered: 25 Oct, 2011

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