How do I get rid of creeping oxalis in my Sir Walter Buffalo?

creeping oxalis has taken over our sir walter buffalo, any suggestions on how to rid


06 May 2014 01:14 PM

Hi Amy,

Creeping oxalis is a particularly stubborn weed to eradicate in a lawn situation. Yates does have a product called Buffalo Pro Weed n Feed which will eliminate this weed. Buffalo Pro is safe to use on a buffalo lawn and is available in a 2 & 4 litre hose-on container as well as in a concentrate. Apply this product now and follow up again in spring. You will find that you will need to apply the product at least twice a year before you are able to completely control this weed. Buffalo Pro will control other broadleaf weeds in your lawn so to keep your lawn free of weeds, we would advise that you use this product every year to keep your lawn in 'tip top' condition.

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