Can you please help me ID weed and tips for removing

Ihave a weed that is taking over my lawn. I pull it out but it comes back. I cant identify it and want ot know what weed killer I can use that wont kill the lawn. So far Round Up has been the only thing i have tried that is successfull. I want to send yo


11 April 2019 10:26 PM

Hi Mandi,

Sounds like a weed called Caustic weed. Can you identify that it has a green-leaf and a red-leaf type), if this sounds right and you can match in image on Google images - you can use Yates Bindii and Broadleaf concentrate as directed for bindii to control this weed. It seeds young so you need to get the seedlings as soon as possible to break the cycle. keep lawn thick and healthy to out-compete the weed.

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