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What can I use on Sir Walter Buffalo to fertilze, that is safe for dogs?

We have Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn and have now got a puppy that eats the lawn. What lawn fertilzer is safe to use for dogs and how should we use it?

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Dear Michelle,

When using fertilisers and chemicals around pets, you should take the precaution of keeping the pets way while applying the products and till the area is dry. Perhaps you should use a soluble fertiliser rather than an organic based lawn fertiliser as your puppy will be attracted to the smell of the pellets. Thrive Hose On All Purpose Plant Food is formulated to encourage strong healthy growth and is easy to used on large areas. Thrive Granular Lawn food is a fast acting lawn food suitable for all types of grass including buffalo. With this product you will need to thoroughly water in the fertiliser so it is no longer present on the lawn surface and is absorbed into the soil beneath. Keep your puppy of the lawn area until it is completely dry.



Answered: 7 Apr, 2019

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