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How do I eradicate mudballs?

My backyard is covered in mudballs from worms I presume. It is so bad you can't take a step outside without treading on them. I am finding it a real nuisance, the kids can't go out to play because they hurt to walk on and their feet are black by the time they are finished playing. The lawn looks awful because it is covered in them. I have tried raking them, hosing them in, treating the yard with Urea but to no avail, how do I eradicate them? I know they are supposed to be beneficial to the lawn but I have not observed any benefits so far!

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Hi Renae,

this earthworm proliferation and 'mud balling' tend to be a problem when the soil or subsoil is very wet all the time. They provide fantastic nutrients and aeration. Addressing this wet soil issue will reduce the castings left on the surface. Mole crickets can also cause this problem if they are in large numbers and you will tend to see lots of them on the surfacce from time to time. (they can be controlled with Baythroid). While I am never happy to suggest 'controlling' earthworms, if they are the problem and reducung watering does not help (it usually does), you could use 1 tsp of condy's crystals in a 9 litre watering can and apply over about 4-5 m2 of damp lawn, this will bring a lot of very unhappy worms to the surface for collection. Try drying the area out first or improving drainage.



Answered: 6 Jan, 2019

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