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How do I manage Oregano that has overgrown my garden?

I wish to kill off about 50 sqm of oregano which has become rampant in my garden, leaving patches of thyme

I would cut oregano back severely around small citrus trees and prostrate thyme first & hope a WeednFeed would kill off the oregano.
Please advise asap Thanks

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Weed and Feed would not be a suitable product to use in this instance, as it will kill off both the oregano and thyme. Hand removal is the best option, so that you can choose what plants to leave in your garden (your CitrusThyme and other garden plants) whilst removing the enthusiastic oregano. If hand removal is not an option, you may like to consider carefully applying by hand 'Yates Zero Rapid 1 Hour Action Weedkiller Gel' to unwanted plants. It is important to remember that this is non-selective, so careful application is required to not damage the plants you want to keep. 



Answered: 19 Jan, 2022

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