What weed prevention options do you have

I'm looking for a plastic covering to go on top of some weeds.. I'm going to kill them with some weed killer but just want to get the plastic to make putting out the new soil easier and neater. Does anyone know of the strongest plastic for this kind of thing?


20 February 2015 09:09 AM

We don't recommend using plastic as a weed mat. Admittedly, plastic sheeting can be an effective barrier against weeds but many perennial weeds will find a way of penetrating through cracks in the sheeting or grow towards the edges and re-surface. More importantly, plastic sheeting is extremely detrimental to the health of your soil. It restricts or prevents the normal movement of water, air and nutrients in the soil. It causes the soil beneath the black plastic to become biologically dead. The solution is to use a permeable weed-mat, or a biodegradable weed-mat such as wool or jute, and to mulch regularly.

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