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What plant is this and how do I kill it?

This plant it in our courtyard. I don't know what it is called? It grows over 6ft tall and seems to have a running root system as small plants pop up along the fence. It has red berries/flowers at the top sometimes. I would like to get rid of it and plant something else. I've tried cutting it back to the soil but it still keeps growing. What is the best way to kill it and the root system? Thanks.

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Hi Sue,

This plant looks like either a Cordyline or a Dracaena. A Dracaena has white flower followed by a red berry and a cordyline has white to dull mauve flowers followed by red berries which appear in summer. Both of these plants have cane like stems. Ways of getting rid of it:- You could try digging it out. The only thing is, if you happen to break off any of the stem, the plant is likely to shoot again. Another method is to cut the stems down and paint on a solution of Zero 490 Glyphosate onto the individual freshly cut stems. This will allow the herbicide to penetrate the sap stream of the plant and translocate it down to the root system where it will kill the root system. You may have to be a little persistent to any roots that may reshoot. I do wish you good luck.



Answered: 5 Oct, 2012

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