How do you kill Dianella in rock gardens?

Have dianella rampant in rock garden and i am unable to dig it out. How do I kill it? Brian


03 September 2013 11:34 PM

Hi Brian,

Dianella when established will form, as you have found, a very strong rootball. When confined to a rock garden I can appreciate it would be difficult to dig out. You could take the approach of removing as much as you can to reduce the amount of foliage you need to spray and then spray the remaining foliage with Zero Weedspray. This product contains Glyphosate. Once it is absorbed by the foliage, it will translocate down to the root system to kill roots and all. You may have to re-apply the product until you have weakened the plant and the roots have completely die. Be careful when spraying the Zero Weedspray that it doesn't come in contact with the foliage of other plants.

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