How do I kill English Ivy with Zero Glyphosate 490?

I have 20 ms of this Ivy to terminate!! On a fenceline.


11 January 2019 06:05 AM

Hi Lucianne,

mix the zero concentrate at the rate given for pampas grass/lantana. if you have the 490 Zero this is 11mL per litre water. Use a surfactant in the mix to help it stick to the leaves such as 2mL PestOil per litre. Water the ivy well the day before spraying to assist uptake of the chemical and dont let any spray drift onto wanted plants. 2 applications may be needed about 10 days apart. If there are plants in the way and spraying is difficult, cut the stems at ground level and apply the mix with a paintbrush directly to the cut stem within a minute of cutting.

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