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How close to my native garden can I spray Path Weeder

Hello, I am sick of weeding my mulch!! We mulched with lupin mulch about 6 months ago - now have a new type of weed (clover-like on one fleshy stem) as well as the usual grasses. I would like to spray the paths and mulch to cut down my work. Any advice is appreciated.

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The Once A Year Path Weeder now known as Yates Pathweeder can be applied to your paved area but it is not suitable for applying to the mulch where plants are growing. Even when applying the product to pavers, you still need to be careful that the product does not drain directly onto shallow rooted plants that may be growing close to the pavers.

For weeds growing in your mulched area, we would suggest that you use a product called Zero Super Concentrate Weed Killer. Target only the weeds with the spray avoiding any overspray onto wanted plants in close proximity.



Answered: 21 May, 2013

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