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How long does ratsak wax blocks last once you use them in the roof of the house.

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Ratsak Wax Blocks are effective as long as they are present.  Upon consumption of approximately one wax block, death will occur 4-7 after that.  One feed is sufficient to kill rats and mice.
Try pulse baiting. Rats that consume the Fast Action Wax Blocks will die within 4-7 days of consuming the product.
In the time leading up to their death, they will continue to feed on the bait. It's less wasteful and more economical for you to replace the bait at the end of 7 days instead of every time you notice the bait has been completely eaten. 
Try 'Ratsak Fast Action Wax Blocks'. An easy to use and effective solution that will kill rats and mice in a single feed! Most deaths occur 4 to 7 days after consumption of bait. The wax block formulation allows baiting in damp as well as dry locations.  
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Answered: 20 Jul, 2022

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