What is an alternative to Complete D?

Malcolm Campbell ABC Adelaide regularly suggests it for garden use but as I live south of Horsham VIC I am unable to purchase it


28 September 2011 09:21 AM

Dear Judith,

Yates no longer have this product in our range. We do however have some excellent products that I can recommend for use in your garden. Professional Blood & Bone is an organic based fertiliser suitable for all garden plants, including Australian natives. Blood & Bone will release nutrients gently over a long period. It not only encourages new growth but it is also improved the soil. Dynamic Lifter Organic Plant Food. This product contains composted chicken manure as well as blood & bone, fish meal and seaweed. It is easy to use as it is pelletised providing nutrients that are slowly released enriching the soil a promoting growth at the same time. Trust this information will give you an idea of what can be used to improve the health of your soil and provide the necessary nutrients your plants will need to thrive. All of these products will be available in stores in Victoria.

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